Porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, travertine tiles, marble tiles, metal tiles, mosaic tiles, vitrified tiles, digital tiles, solar tiles, Italian tiles, European tiles are some of the most common type of tiles that are used for varied purposes. They can be used in either residential or commercial constructions for all parts including floors, walls, roofs, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, pools, and outdoors. We understand that tiles for different purpose and places need to have different designs, qualities, ruggedness, and that is exactly what Tile Wizards provide you whenever you ask for it.


Delivering to your requirements is our strength

Sites for Tile Wizards products not only include homes and offices but even malls, showrooms, and other commercial establishments. We can provide tiles whenever and wherever required in any suburb of Western Sydney, including Granville, Lakemba, Doonside, Katoomba, Cabramatta, Windsor, Wentworthville, Liverpool, Westmead and St Marys, in as much quantity as required. Tile Wizards have a well established network of suppliers the world over and state-of-the-art supply chain management system because of which we are able to manage our supplies for all the customers of all types.


Customers speak for us

There is no better testimonial for a business than its customer itself. We are proud to have a strong and loyal customer base who can very all our good qualities. That is only a result of the priority Tile Wizards give to customer satisfaction in our business in all the minutest details as much as possible.

At Tile Wizards we provide all types of tiles you are looking for including bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, floor tiles, glass tiles, pool tiles, marble tiles, stone tiles etc. We work with the aim of providing best quality tiles to meet the requirements of both the residential and commercial customers. Tile Wizards provides vast variety of tiles including different sizes, material, colors etc to complete the demand of every client. The service is available in all the suburbs of Western Sydney including Granville, Lakemba, Katoomba, Cabramatta etc.


Expertise based on solid research and customized solutions

Tile Wizards designers work based on complete and comprehensive research from the world market so that we meet the requirements of and satisfy the client with best possible prices and designs so that full solution can be provided with the endless possibilities. Tile Wizards even work on meeting the custom design requirements so that every customer can feel special and appreciate personalised preference.


Customers are our preference - each one of them

Tile Wizards has a large and reputed customer base in Liverpool including renowned architects, builders, households whose requirements we have catered to whether on large or small scale. Tile Wizards has complete competency to compete in the Western Sydney tile market.


Expert customer support when client needs it

Tile Wizards customer support includes experienced and knowledgeable consultants who understand the requirements of every customer and promise to deliver what they demand for and always make sure for their availability whenever their client requires them to provide the best possible solution.

Tiles play an important role in providing the finishing to the place whether that is our home where we live and dream or the office space where we work to fulfill our dreams. Tile Wizards understands the importance of living or working space towards your achievements and always strives to attain something new and unique so that inner satisfaction can be provided and can contribute some part to your goals.


A tile for each wall, floor, or roof

Tile Wizards work on meeting the requirements of your household tiles whether you require tiles for your bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or dining area etc. Tile Wizards understands the importance of each and every area where you put your step. We specialize in every area and Tile Wizards designers work on that motive to meet the personalized demand of every customer.


Best and affordable for all

Tile Wizards  supply vast range of  quality tiles at best prices after the competitive research of the tile market as we believe in loyalty and long lasting relationships with the project investors in Western Sydney which includes Liverpool, Lakemba, Granville, Katoomba, etc.


Tile Wizards feels proud of the team which competes with the various tile market owners and has established itself in the world tile market with best of designs which has the remarkable identity.


We can provide the best to customers with utmost care

With 24*7 customer support that works for you and understands your tile solutions, Tile Wizards will keep on working to get the best of designs which are not only unique but can link every customer with their goals and achievements.