Wall TilesHow to pick the best quality Wall Tiles for Your Home?

Today, homes are being designed and decorated to give them a modern touch and sophisticated yet stylish look. Sleek kitchens, expansive and beautiful drawing rooms, cozy and upscale bedrooms, fascinating balconies and terrace area and even the bathroom area in a house is being decorated using designer and long lasting wall tiles.

So, if you are planning to stylize your house using good quality yet cheap tiles, then read on to find out the basic points to remember.

When it comes to wall& floor tiling, one of the first things that one needs to remember is that they should be strong, tough, designer, easy to clean and maintain and above all within the budget. There are innumerable wall tiles available in the market today. These basically include granite, ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, glass, slate, quartz and marble among others.

Whether you are planning to install porcelain tiles or marble tiles, the finish of the tile should be your basic concern at the time of selecting tiles. Wall tiles are available in essentially two types of finishes including unpolished and polished. While a tile with polished finish has an even and smooth surface, the unpolished tile is not smooth and contains pits, holes and nooks. Thus, depending on the style, pattern, color and design of the tile, you can pick wall tiles for each and every room of your house.

Ceramic, granite, mosaic, quartz and marble are categorized as hard tiles. On the other hand, travertine, tumbled, glass and Terra Cotta are categorized as soft tiles. The cost of wall tiles depends on their type, color, quality and finish. While hard wall tiles are expensive but durable, the soft wall tiles are less expensive.

A number of people today are opting for quartz wall tiles, simply because they are durable and easy to maintain. On the other hand, natural stone, quartz and ceramic wall tiles are ideal for bathroom area. Not only do these wall tiles assist in waterproofing the house but are perfect for remodeling and renovating the bathroom walls as well. Travertine and limestone wall tiles are comparatively better than the porcelain wall tiles simply because they are available in numerous shades and are ideal for waterproofing the bathroom area of the house.

Whether you are planning a DIY or even if you wish to hire a tile installer, you must do your planning beforehand, or else you will end up investing in inferior quality wall tiles. Apart from this, it is also important that you acquire a few tile samples and check their quality thoroughly. Ideally, the wall tiles that you opt for should not stain or break easily. Good quality wall tiles are easy to maintain, clean and replace.

When it comes to renovating the walls of your house, you must ensure that you are not investing in cracked or broken wall tiles. Also, remember to purchase extra wall tiles so that you can utilize them as and when you need to replace broken or damaged wall tiles of your house.

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