The thing that you have to thoroughly understand about porcelain is that it’s just another type of ceramic material. It’s made by heating the mixture of different substances in the same way as the ceramic tiles. Glazed porcelain tiles are made by covering the tile with heated glass texture which adds to its strength and gives it a better appeal and polished look.

General Information

Now, not all of the porcelain tiles are made the same. With this in mind, understanding the nature of the different types and how they are manufactured is absolutely crucial when it comes to choosing the right type of tiles for your ongoing project. A glazed porcelain tile would be one which is firmly covered with a colored glass liquid which is also known as glaze. This provides the tile with an overly sturdy appearance which seems polished and finished. However, keep in mind that glazed tiles are not really full body porcelains and that’s one of the most common misconceptions. Unglazed porcelain tiles are by far the only full body ones. This means that they are entirely comprised of natural clays and do not include any other substances.

There are different reasons for which you might want to prefer this particular option. They are stylish, they are polished and are easier to maintain. However, you might want to avoid using them in some commercial establishments because they might introduce a slippery surface.


Maintaining glazed porcelain tiles is practically seamless. You have to make sure to use the right type of cleaners in order to ensure that you do not damage the covering glaze. This is usually labeled on the front of the detergent so finding the right one should not be any issue.

Out of sheer precautions for your surroundings it is highly preferable that you take advantage of dry cleaning or steam cleaning methods which do not involve the usage of detergents. Keep in mind that a glazed porcelain surface is really easy to clean off regardless of the pollutant so it really shouldn’t be a significant burden.