Routine Care

Natural Stone products are usually porous by nature and a lot of the accepted cleaners are going to be damaging and harmful for this surface. That’s why you want to be rather careful when picking up the cleaning material.

Stone Cleaners

You have to use stone cleaners which are specifically designated to have this usage. You have to have the surface dampened with clear water.

Stain Removal

Use stone poultice but keep in mind that it might actually dull the shine and you would have to use a marble polisher.


You can use the marble polish if the flooring finish has gone dull due to the fact that you’ve used stone poultice.


When it comes to sealing you have to understand that natural look sealers can actually be water-based or solvent-based. They are usually good for both outdoor and indoor applications. The best way to make sure the solution is usable on your particular surface would be to properly test it on loose particles.


When it comes to finishing, you need to make sure that you apply the solution only to polished Natural stone products. This particular product is really going to enhance the overall shine of your flooring.