As far as the specifications of polished porcelain tiles go, they are usually made out of the same material as their glazed counterparts. However, the main difference is within their strength and stability. Polished porcelain is much more fragile than the glazed one because it lacks the additional protection secured by the melted glass on top of it.

General Information

Now, the first thing that you need to take into consideration when talking about polished porcelain tiles is that they have nothing to do with their glazed counter parts. Even though in some particular situations they might actually look exactly the same, there are significant differences that have to be pointed out.

Most of all, a polished porcelain tile is a regular, full-body tile made out of natural clays which is simply polished on the surface. This is what may create the illusion that it’s a glazed one. Of course, this is all provided that the glazed tile doesn’t introduce any ornament. Polished porcelain tiles are perfect for a wide range of different spaces both indoor and outdoor. Common examples would be balconies, patio walk-through, bathrooms and, interestingly enough, even wall decorations. That’s right – polished porcelain tiles are incredibly appealing and that’s the main reason for which they are usually preferred for a wide range of decorating undertakings.

However, you also have to keep in mind that the polished porcelain tile is usually cheaper than the glazed one, mainly because the latter manages to simulate natural appeals perfectly. This is thanks to the advancement of modern technologies and their implementation on creating the perfectly styled glaze.

Maintenance Tips

The truth is that porcelain requires little to no maintenance at all and the efforts are practically non-existent. You have to rinse up the dirty area with warm in. water in order to make sure that it’s shiny once again. The surface might require some additional protection and the activities might include:
•    Haze of grout removal
•    Usage of acid based products
•    Usage of maintenance based cleaning products
•    Taking care of construction chemicals as well as dirt.