There are different types of unglazed tiles available on the market. You can pick up the ones which are most appropriate for you based on a variety of different factors such as budget and personal preferences. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that the cheapest solution out there would be the unglazed ceramic tile. This is a regular ceramic tile which hasn’t been covered in the coloured glassed liquid in the high-temperature process. As a result, the surface is rather rough but it’s appropriate for a variety of different spaces.

Furthermore, we have the unglazed porcelain tiles which were detailed in one of the previous sections.

As a general rule of thumb, unglazed tiles are a lot denser, thicker and firmer than their glazed counterparts. That’s why they are usually used where you have heavy foot traffic. This is one of their main benefits. Of course, they are also usable as decorative elements but given the options that contemporary glazing technologies provide, people would strongly prefer the alternative.
Both glazed and unglazed tiles are overly preferred for a variety of commercial establishments such as restaurants, for instance, because they are easier to maintain and a lot more convenient than other flooring solutions. Tiles are definitely amongst the most overly preferred hard flooring solutions and they bring in tons of advantages.


When it comes to maintenance, you would have to take into consideration the fact that the surface is significantly rougher. That’s why the cleaning is going to be a bit harder and it’s going to require more effort on your behalf. We strongly recommend using appropriate detergents of the right consistency. Make sure that you do not damage the grout because this is capable of ruining the entire appeal.