Unlike porcelain and ceramic tiles, those made out of natural stones are not, per say, created by people. They are merely already existing stones which are taken and shaped so that they fit the form of a tile. With this in mind, different natural stone tiles have different technicalities based on the type of rock they are carved out of. In any case, these are amongst the strongest appliances known to us thanks to their natural sturdiness.

General Information

As the name suggests, this is an entirely natural flooring or decorating option. Natural stone is perfect for a wide range of different appliances.
Now, starting off with its specifications, it’s worth noting that there is a wide range of different types of stones which might be used for decorative or flooring purposes. In any case, this is amongst the most firm and resistant surface which is definitely going to survive for a long time coming.

Due to its rather rough surface, the main designation for natural stone would be in the outdoor furnishing segment. They are used to define walkways in gardens and patios as well as to create local roadways for your garage, for instance. However, beyond that there are certain decorative appliances which are particularly interesting.

Natural stone is used as a major attention grabbing element in a wide range of contemporary homes. Usually designer homes are going to have at least one wall decorated with natural stone tiles in order to make it pop out from the rest. It’s an incredibly convenient and versatile solution which is definitely worth mentioning.

However, you would also have to consider that natural stone is generally incapable of properly retaining heat. This means that you wherever you implement it, you can expect the space to be a bit cooler. That’s why it’s used in a lot of outdoor kitchens – to promote easier cooling of the space.


If you want to ensure that your Natural Stone products are properly taken care of you would need to come up with a proper maintenance plan. Furthermore, you need to understand that it needs different products than usual. Many of the accepted cleaners could actually cause damage to dull stones.

Stone Cleaners

You have to only use specifically designated products. These particular cleaners have no acids in them and have concentrated neutral pH which isn’t going to affect the existing wax-type coating. Before that just make sure that the surface is properly dampened with clear water.

Once the stone is properly cleaned, you can regularly apply a wax-type spray-buff on the floor finish in order to make sure that the stone is polished.

Heavy-Duty Stone Cleaning

You are going to have to use heavy-duty yet non-hazardous stone cleaner in order to remove the dirt, grime and other type of pollutants. Apply the solution once it’s properly mixed with water. Mop it up in order to make sure it’s dry and change it every 100 square feet to ensure that you aren’t re-introducing dirty water.